Professional Quality Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for many years and the art of tattooing has grown and transformed since it origins.
Today professional tattooing requires extreme skill and natural artistic talent. It also helps to be willing to constantly move with the times – investigating new techniques, equipment and products.
Thankfully Ink IT Tattoos has an artist with all this!
At Ink IT Tattoos we believe in letting our work speak for itself.
We do not hesitate to answer any questions you have concerning your tattoo, the process or aftercare – in fact we encourage it.

Check out all our tattoo videos  - ranging from reveals to time laps - by clicking here.


Ink IT Tattoos is able to accommodate you with any type of design – be it one you have drawn up yourself or something you need us to design for you.

We offer Black and Grey as well as Colour tattoos in:

Ink It Tattoo Styles

And everything in between!

Tattoo Cover-ups and Redo’s

Having a bad tattoo is a common occurrence. The reason for this could be anything from a choice in design you now regret, having the tattoo done by a non-professional artist or something happened during the after care to compromise the quality.
Lucky for you Ink IT is able to redo your tattoo so that it will look beautiful again, or we can do a complete cover up hiding the old tattoo forever.
We are also able to remove the tattoo completely if need be – check out Tattoo Removal for more details on this.
Click here for some of Ink It Tattoos Cover up photos - Click here for some of Ink It Tattoos Redo photos.


Equipment and Ink

Being a professional studio we use ONLY single-use and/or Sterilized instruments. Only proven and certified products are used during all procedures performed by Ink It Tattoos.
We work strictly within the rules as set out by various international tattoo councils, as well as all prescribed health standards.
We strive to continually improve our processes and procedures keeping up with new products, technology and techniques to ensure that all customers receive only the best standards of service.

Our machines range from professional coil machines to standard rotary and the Cheyenne Hawk Pen. Each machine serves a specific purpose depending on the style of tattoo we will be doing.
As for the inks, we use Skin Candy & Bloodline which is of the best ink available and originates from America – this is also used in many of the studio used for the various tattoo TV series. World Famous Ink also forms a large part of our arsenal - and it's true to it's name!

Ink IT Tattoos Durban uses Bloodline & Skin Candy Ink