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Punked For Professionals

Punked Neon Hair Dye is Perfect For Professionals and Salons

Ink It Tattoos Punked Durban

We know Punked Neon Hair Dye will be a valuable tool and partner to you and your stylists in the upcoming years.
Punked Neon Hair Dye Deposits in hair cuticle and outer cortex. The colour gradually fades each time the hair is shampooed. (Make sure your client uses the correct home care for longer brighter end results!) Lasting up to 18 washes, (wash x 3 per week = 3 months) these colours are deposited in the hair cuticle and outer cortex.


Here are just some of the advantageous that Punked can provide you in the Salon:

• With conditioning protein agents that form part of the Punked Neon Hair Dye Formula, you get added shine and improved style manageability while colour is deposited on to the hair.
• Punked Neon Hair Dye Semi-permanents also provide an ideal solution for livening up faded mid-lengths and for clients who have permanent colour. This is particularly useful if the hair is not really ready yet for another treatment of peroxide-based colour.
See your standard shade chart references
• Punked Neon Hair Dye can be used in colour correction work and tone to white/grey hair.
• Punked Neon Hair Dye can be used as simple and quick pre-filler and pre-pigmentation shade.
• Punked Neon Hair Dyes provides a colour choice to clients, who because of sensitivity or allergy, may not be able to have permanent colour.

Punked Durban professional

For grey hair it is always important to mix natural shade with your fashion target shade, depending on the percentage grey you would mix 50/50. This will ensure better coverage in your target shade.
Make sure your sectioning is so thin you can read a text message through it! Make sure you apply enough product!
Remember pigment attracts pigment.
Not taking the undertone at different levels of hair in consideration and working with your colour wheel, can cause unwanted tones in the hair so make sure hair is lifted as much as possible! Colour on colour goes darker.
As a professional you will get great colour results every time, knowing the fundamental laws of colour and sticking to the rules is what gives you the results. Stick to your Corrective Coloration Chart at all times.

Here’s to creating perfectly beautiful Colour results, every time!