Laser Tattoo Removal & Treatments

Ink IT Tattoo not only gives you the tattoo of your dreams, we are also able to remove your tattoo if need be.

Ink IT Tattoos Durban Tattoo RemovalIt happens that people get tattoos they later regret. Sometimes they would rather remove the tattoo all together than simply have it covered up with something else/better. Others may need to remove their tattoos due to their career or new religious beliefs.
Whatever the reason many be – at Ink It we can remove your tattoo safely, leaving no marks, through Laser Removal.

The laser removal process is done in various sessions with a 4 to 6 weeks period needed between sessions. The exact number of session needed to remove a tattoo depends on your type of skin, how deep and dark the tattoo is and the type of ink used.
The process is relatively painless, but a certain amount of discomfort is to be expected during the procedure.

The price of each session is determined by the size of the tattoo being removed.


Additional Laser Skin Treatments

Our Laser is not only capable of doing tattoo removal but also works like a dream for the following:
Scar Reduction – Lightens the appearance of the scar.
Blemish Reduction – Reduces the appearance of marks on the skin incl. birth marks.
Freckle Removal – Removal of freckles.
Skin Rejuvenation – Stimulates the collagen within the skin helping to fill wrinkles.