Jacques – Artist & Owner

Tattoo and Piercing Artist – Jacques Jooste

Jacques is well versed in all styles of tattoos and has not only studied the art of tattoos, he is gifted with incredible natural talent and a true understanding of “why” and “how” a tattoo works.

Jacques Jooste Owner & Artist Ink IT Tattoos Durban
Jacques belief is that a tattoo is very personal and must be unique to the client. As such no two tattoos done by Jacques are ever 100% the same, each is created to be the extension/expression of its wearer that they intended it to be when deciding on the design.
He does not believe in dictating to a client what they must get, but does assist and advise when they are choosing a design to ensure that they are completely satisfied before getting the tattoo.

When asked how many tattoos are enough, or if clients indicated that they will only get one, he always smiles and says, “You only have enough tattoos when you can’t count them anymore.”
Another saying he has become well know for is regarding the pain of a tattoo. “Tattoos aren’t painful, they are simply interesting! Some are just more interesting than others.”

He does however believe that the pain involved in getting a tattoo is part of the process. In many cases this cements the meaning behind the tattoo and is almost a rite of passage or transformation process for many related to the reason they are getting the tattoo.

Jacques is known as an “all rounder” being well versed in various styles of tattoos, and being able to execute them all extremely well. There are obviously certain styles he enjoys more than others and his favourite would have to be photorealism. Another talent Jacques possesses when it comes to the tattoo world is covering up tattoos. This is not an easy task, as many artists will tell you; in fact some are not even willing to attempt it at all. Jacques has the ability to know what will work to hide the old design and is able to then execute the cover up leaving the old image as a mere memory.

He is always researching new techniques and technology to stay at the top of his game and believe you can always better yourself in what you do. He is extremely particular when it comes to the happiness and safety of his customers and for this reason will never stop trying to learn more.

Where did Jacques love for Tattoos come from?

Jacques always wanted to be different to his family, and none of my family members had tattoos – this obviously meant that he wanted one, besides that fact that the idea of tattoos fascinated him. Once out of school he toyed with the idea for a while and in February 1999 he took the plug and decided to give himself his own birthday present and got his first tattoo. After that the bug had well and truly bit and he immediately started the process to becoming a tattoo artist. This of course meant going through the right of passage and doing an apprenticeship.

The journey had its ups and downs, and tattooing was always more a part time thing for extra income, although he always had his eye on doing it full time. Until he was able to realise this he was employed in the corporate sector in various positions that furthered his business and safety skills. During this time he also took an interest in paramedics and decided to study for it – and qualified cum laud. All this adding to his understanding of the safety aspects of tattooing.

For a few years leading up to 2010 he was able to tattoo as what can be described as “semi-full” time, spending all his spare time behind a tattoo gun, but in 2010 he was finally able to join a studio in Pretoria tattooing full time. An opportunity presented itself in the beginning of 2012 for him to open his own studio in Brits, and in 2015 he was able to move his studio to Durban.

Jacques Choice of Tattoos on Himself.

Jacques is so passionate about tattooing and so dedication to Ink It Tattoos that he tattooed the studio logo onto his leg himself.

Jacques Jooste Ink IT Tattoos Durban Tattooing Self

Jacques choice in tattoos stems from his interests and personal journey. This has led to his many Indian themed tattoos, representing freedom and a free spirited nature. His sniper sleeve is due to his belief in doing everything to the best of your ability – they train tirelessly and show extreme dedication to their task at hand while displaying unremarkable skill – and of course which ” boy” doesn’t like guns.
The cobalt blue tarantula on his chest (a red rump and webbing is still to follow) was to help him get over his phobia for spiders – now cured! Jacques legs are covered in work he did himself – including the studio’s logo. These are all portrait and photorealistic images, one of Jacques favourite styles to tattoo in. They also happen to sever as a portfolio when customers need to see his work.  The cross with his children’s names speaks for itself  and his love for comics and the movies also shows through in his Deadpool and Baby Groot pieces. As for the minion sleeve ….. Well … Who doesn’t love the minions?

Well … Who doesn’t love the minions?

Pieces he gets in the future will continue to represent the above themes, he already has his eye on certain design he would like to have inked. Where possible he does tattoo himself, but the works that cover his body are done by various tattoo artists that he has worked with and learned from over the years.

Jacques the Airbrush Artist

Mater Airbrushed by Ink It Tattoos DurbanMost tattoo artists started in another artistic field or picked one up during their careers. As many of the principles for airbrushing are the same as when doing a tattoo – this was a natural choice for Jacques to pursue when the challenge was posed to him. That’s right challenge.
In casual conversation with another artist Jacques was told he should be able to airbrush as he tattoos, and that he should give it a try – the rest was history!
As with tattoos he possesses a natural talent and understanding of how to capture an image through airbrushing – regardless of the medium or items being airbrushed. His attention to detail adding to the amazing end result.