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Ink It Cares Initiative

At Ink It Tattoos there are many causes that are close to our hearts and many charitable causes that we support. For this reason we have created Ink It Cares – the charity division of our business and our opportunity to give something back.


In efforts to further support the various causes we are so passionate about – especially childhood cancer and animal welfare – we have joined the crowd funding force to enable donations to Ink It Cares.
In addition to the standard donations directly to the charity we will be running various campaigns on the platform to raise funds for specific causes.

We urge all our customers and fans to head over and make a donation. Not matter how small the amount – you never know what difference that tiny amount may make to people or animals who are in desperate need.

Make A Donation Or View Specific Campaigns For Ink It Cares Here


We wanted to go a step further and give something back to our customers and fans as well.

As such we have instituted 4 tattoo giveaways each year – 2 Mastectomy Tattoo and 2 Scar Cover Tattoos.
The Mastectomy Tattoos will be given away in March and September and the Scar Tattoos in June and December.
Applications can however be completed and sent at any time during the year.


Each giveaway has a two part selection process:
• Firstly complete the APPLICATION FORM (to be found below)
• Selections will then be made to attend an INTERVIEW
Based on the interviews a candidate will be chosen to receive the free tattoo.
The reason for this process is as there are many factors involved and all need to be taken into consideration.


Click on the applicable link in the table below to download the Application Form.


It is very important to read the Application Form in full and complete all the fields – failure to do so will result in the application not being considered.
Once completed please submit your application to