Liezel Jooste aka The Wiezy

The Official Face of Ink It Tattoos

Yes, Yes we know that for the longest time Liezel Jooste – aka The Wiezy – has been the unofficial face of Ink It Tattoos, but it is now officially official that she is the actual face of Ink It.


Liezel Jooste The Wiezy outside Ink It Tattoos Durban

This by no means detracts from any of our Brand Ambassadors and they will all still enjoy the limelight and exposure we provide.
The good news however is she will be doing giveaways – yes this includes tattoos – separate/ over and above from the normal Ink It Tattoos competitions.
How do you get to take part – easy – just make sure you like and follow her on facebook and Instagram (links are available at the end of the article). And as always spread the news!!

The Wiezy (Liezel Jooste) Ink It Tattoos Durban

So here is the 411 on The Wiezy:
Liezel has always been extremely artist and exercised her talent from a young age. She is well versed in drawing and painting in various mediums and has a gift for writing – from poetry to magazine articles and short stories.
She has a unique, strong and very vivid imagination which fuels her artistic fire to the fullest.
Liezel however, is also very technically minded, and as such has excelled in computers and with that digital art.
She easily added designing to her list of abilities – which is definitely a plus in the tattoo world.
Liezel’s natural flair for the arts has not only honed her skill, but given her an exceptionally good eye when it comes to tattoos. She instinctively knows what will and won’t work, the style and colour that are needed to turn a piece from good to absolutely amazing.
Liezel believes that each customer is as fussy as she is when it comes to tattoos as such treats each customer and piece with the skill and care that she expects for her own tattoos.
She adds her colour and flair to every aspect of the studio and has always been the unofficial face of Ink It Tattoos. She has helped build the studio to what it is today – part of this through her doing all the marketing for the business. She brings her passion for the studio to her tattoo skills and the way she treats the customers as well.


Liezel Jooste - aka The WiezyWhere did Liezel’s love for Tattoos come from?

As Liezel has always been artistic she has always appreciated the art of tattooing. Liezel’s interest into tattooing herself was ignited by Jacques Jooste – and for many years she assisted him in various areas of the industry.
Liezel ended up taking the plunge and doing her apprenticeship under Jacques, and has put all the knowledge and training he imparted on her to very good use. She not only has a brilliant understanding of tattooing itself, but also the health and safety side, having extensive knowledge of the hygiene standards and requirements involved with the industry.

She is very much of the belief that you can always improve and therefore keeps up with the trends, learning new techniques and tricks in the trade. She also keeps her eye on new products and equipment that can keep her a notch up in the game. She plans to grow her skill even further to include further styles and procedures in the industry to her portfolio.

Liezel Jooste aka The Wiezy flowersLiezel’s Choice of Tattoos on Herself.

Liezel took a while before she received her first tattoo – this partly as she is so particular and precise when it comes to what she wants. She believes each of her pieces must stand out and be seen for what it is and therefore very carefully plans their placing, style and colouring.
Her tattoos are very much a growing collection with each piece chosen for a very specific reason. She believes that a tattoo must have meaning to its wearer – be it a deep set emotional reason, or just that the image speaks to the persons beliefs or their personality attributes and traits – and it’s for these reasons that Liezel choses her pieces. She has designed almost all her pieces herself and although she has a few black and grey pieces she loves her colour and has a few different styled pieces.
Liezel’s tattoos truly are “Liezel on her own skin”. Her collection include a number of female images that represent different parts of her personality … from naughty to nice. She also has animals and flora that in some way connect to or represent who she is. A tattoo gun garter graces her leg and of course the Alice in Wonderland “We’re all mad here” piece. But possibly her favourite is a phrase – which she wrote while still in school – now proudly worn on her skin, each letters font selected to best represent the meaning of the words.
She will continue to get unique pieces that also tell the story of who she is.

Liezel Jooste aka The Wiezy Hair Tattoo DurbanYou can follow Liezel on her The Wiezy Social Media Platforms by liking and following the following:

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