Tibet Music Video is Out!

The Music Video for Tibet has been released.

Ink It Tattoos was honoured to be a part of this project providing the airbrushing of the dancers for DJ Carly O. We, as always, are proud to be her Official Tattoo Sponsor, and this music video is yet another project we were more than happy to assist with.

We offer our congratulation to both DJ Carly O and DJ Lee Why who produced this amazing track, as well as all other Cast and Crew involved in the project.

Crew & Cast – as can be found on social media
DJ Lee Why (producer/dj) – @djleewhy
DJ Carly O (producer dj) – @djcarlyo

Niko Padayachi (camera and editing) – @its_nik0
DK (camera)
Ink It Tattoos (airbrushing and body art) – @inkittattoos
River Town Triangle, Champford DBN (venue)
Naadiya Khan (makup artist)
Shayleen Asher-Wood (hip hop dancer) – @shayleen_kathy
Emma Tomlinson (acrobat) – @emkatetomlinson
Michelle Bain ( Ballet dancer) – @mich_moo_bain
Bianca ‘Lil Beast’ Vinay (hip hop dancer) – @biancavinay_lildancebeast


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