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Coastlines Music Video is Out!

We are super proud to announce that the music video for Coastlines by DJ Carlo O and DJ Lee Why featuring Rorke Kemp is out!

We had so much fun being involved and love the snips that where used of us tattooing.

A huge congratulations to all the cast & crew involved!
Music Video Crew & Cast
@djcarlyo (producer/dj)
@djleewhy (producer/dj)
@rorkehunterkemp (vocalist)
@makeupbycharelle (makeup)
@naadiya_khan_mahomed (makeup)
@sakakateholden (hair)
@astro_funk_ (branding)
@chookclothing (bikini designer)
@swaggerwearofficial (clothing designer)
@inkittattoos (tattoos)
@its_nik0 (film)
@stef_rustic (film)
@dayakarpadayachee (film)
@leilanicolaidis (cast)
@tayridgway (cast)
@barnard_joshua (cast)
@trimz_franchesca (cast)
@shayleen_kathy (cast)
@daylekroone (cast)
@megsvb_ (cast)
@Yaseen_Winter (cast)
@juriejj (cast)


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