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Ink It Tattoos


At Ink IT Tattoos we believe in letting our work speak for itself.

Ink IT Tattoos is a professional and modern tattoo and body piercing studio using ONLY single-use and/or Sterilized instruments.

Only proven and certified products are used during all procedures performed by Ink It Tattoos and any of our divisions. We work strictly within the rules as set out by various international tattoo councils. We strive to continually improve our processes and procedures keeping up with new products, technology and techniques to ensure that all customers receive only the best standards of service.

Ink It tattoos Durban
Ink It Tattoos Durban
Ink It Tattoos Durban

"our profession is our passion"


At Ink It Tattoos there are many causes that are close to our hearts and many charitable causes that we support.

In time all the causes we support and fund raising projects will be displayed on our website  - but for sensitivity reasons at this time we have not displayed them.

We however wanted to go a step further and give something back to our customers and fans as well.

As such we have instituted 4 tattoo giveaways each year – 2 Mastectomy Tattoo and 2 Scar Cover Tattoos.

For more information on the initiative or to submit an application for a free tattoo head on over to the Ink It Cares Initiative page 

Tattoos & Tattoo Removal

Ink IT Tattoos offers professional and quality tattoos and are able to accommodate you with any type of design – be it one you have drawn up yourself or something you need us to design for you.
We are able to redo your tattoo so that it will look beautiful again, or we can do a complete cover up hiding the old tattoo forever. We are also able to remove the tattoo completely if need be.

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Body Piercings

All piercings at Ink IT Tattoos are done by trained professionals.
Body Piercing are done on all body locations and Dermal Piercings – Skin Divers & Dermal Anchors – are also performed

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Accessories and Apparel

We offer a large variety of accessories and apparel including jewellery and tattoo inspired clothing.

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Punked Durban

Punked in made right here is South Africa and is 100% natural. We pride ourselves on being Vegan, Ammonia free and PPD free. We also conform to a number of international standards.
Besides the actual hair dye and activator (a must for the dye) we offer shampoos, conditioners, colour masks, mist sprays and a number of general hair care products.

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Ink It Tattoos has partnered up with InkFin to provide our customers financing for their tattoos.

No Money? No Worries!!
You can get all the tattoos you’ve always wanted and never have to pay upfront for them.
With InkFin it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get that new tattoo!



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Free Tattoos


At Ink It Tattoos we are well versed in all styles of tattoos as well as redo's and cover-ups, and can perform all types of Body Piercings as well as Dermal Piercings.
Our staff are skilled and trained in the positions they hold and aim for perfection in everything they do.
We strive to ensure that our customers are not only happy when they walk out the studio, but have an experience to remember during the tattoo or piercing process.
We prefer our customers to become part of the Ink It Family rather than be just another person through the door.
Contact us to put us to the test!